Level 2 Working Together to Safeguard Children Multi-agency Training

Date & Time:

Tuesday 15 December 2020 (9:30am - 4:00pm)

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IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ATTENDED A LEVEL 2 TRAINING EVENT WITH EITHER STOKE-ON-TRENT OR STAFFORDSHIRE, YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND THIS TRAINING AGAIN.  Working Together training only needs to be completed once.  We recommend people update their Level 2 certificate by completing a Level 3 or Level 4 training event.  Not everybody needs to attend a Level 2 course, please see Target Staff below. You can attend Level 3 training without having completed Level 2 training.

The cost of this training is £50 person, this applies to ALL agencies except for Voluntary, Faith and Charitable organisations and Community Interest Companies.  Please check with your Line Manager before booking onto this course.

Target Staff:
This multi-agency course is for those with a particular responsibility for safeguarding children, such as designated lead or named professionals who may be responsible for safeguarding in their teams or organisations.  This may include undertaking s47 (child abuse) enquiries, working with complex cases, or those who would regularly attend Child Protection Conferences.  

The new Level 2 multi-agency course has been designed especially for webinar delivery.  The training runs over one day and has been split into three specific areas:

Professional Challenge and Escalation

  • Knowing how and when to professionally challenge/escalate process and policy
  • Building confidence to professionally challenge and escalate and mechanisms for positive feedback
  • What makes a good challenge and how would you evidence this
  • What skills do you need for effective challenge/ communication, language (restorative practice – high support, high challenge)
  • Professional culture and how we respond to the challenge, and differences between agencies, respect and value base.
  • Supervision/ 1-1 and how this is used to offer support

Threshold, Referrals and Consent

  • To explain threshold and be able to apply this to a scenario
  • To be able to make an effective referral
  • How to provide context for a referral – the whole story (verbal and written)
  • To be able to understand what is meant by consent
  • To know how to make a referral and what pathways to follow

 Child Protection Conference

  • To know what a child protection conference is
  • To know how the timescales work in terms of strategy discussion
  • To know what to do to prepare for a child protection conference (chair – speaking beforehand)
  • To know what to expect to happen within conference
  • To understand the impact of conference; the role of professionals and decision making




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Staffordshire: ssscb.training@staffordshire.gov.uk OR Stoke: safeguarding.training.administrator@stoke.gov.uk


SSSCB Training Team

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Microsoft Teams,

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To be used on a laptop or desktop Computer (Can be used on a phone but very difficult)

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